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Prepared by Dr. Neil Chadwick

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There are two versions of this survey instrument. The first is intended to be used by the Pastor who would like to receive an evaluation of his or her ministry from the members of the congregation. The second version is less directed toward the Pastor, although it too will give some insight into the pastoral ministry. This second version may be used at any time when a congregation's leaders wish to spend time and effort getting in touch with what members think about the church and it's ministry.

For version 1, the "Pastoral Ministry Evaluation Survey",

Click Here

For version 2, the "Church Ministry Evaluation Survey",

Click Here

Paper copies may be requested by sending an E-Mail note to Dr. Chadwick at

A computer program has been developed for the tabulation of scores from these surveys. Completed survey forms may be sent to

To discuss such arrangements, a phone call may be made to (973)827-9771.
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